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Dear MSSA Membership Body,

We have taken the first step to set in motion a powerful coalition. Competitive shooters and gun rights activist have been in two separate camps for too long. In the competitive shooters' world, every discipline is a kingdom and life unto itself, only looking after their own interest. The hi-power shooters don't have much use for the small bore shooters who have no interest in the pistol contingent.

The common thread? Competitive shooters have little interest outside there own discipline *or* in gun rights politics.

The truth of the matter is, we cannot survive without all sides working together. Young shooters are the future for both competition and for gun rights. If young people do not learn the love of the shooting sports, they will not care when our gun rights are eroded in the legislature. If we fail to secure future gun rights in the legislature, youth will not be able to participate in shooting. Failure to transfer the knowledge and love of shooting to just one generation will mean the extinction of the sport in 20-30 years.

Our mission, is to build a big tent that welcomes and encourages all shooting sports disciplines from air guns to IDPA. To have all shooters active in working to preserve gun rights. To take back ground that was lost in 1968 and indeed lost in 1934. The phrase "who needs *those* kind of guns" should not exist in any of our minds. This requires change.

In Missouri, MSSA will be that big tent. We must reach out and bring in new members. We will write articles, have match notices published, along with results posted from all disciplines. We will have members who will write letters and call their elected representatives and show up for legislative hearings and rallys supporting gun rights for all of us. *We* will make this our task and not rely on someone else to do it!

Our opponents are made up of tree huggers, PETA, the UN, institutes for peace, million misguided moms and others who all come together to fight as allies on this one issue. Now is the time for us to change old ways and form a united front. It's the only way we can win.

We need your help. We need you to participate the in the shooting sports in a new and different way than in the past. We must "all" look out for "all our interests" to allow guns/rights to survive.

If you are a member of a gun rights group, like WMSA, GCLA or, join MSSA and help with youth programs and competitive shooting. If you are a MSSA member/competitive shooter, get active in gun rights groups, there is one in your area. 2006 is an election year.

By joining forces, we can secure the future for our children and their children and all who love to shoot, hunt, compete and carry concealed.

Please get started today.

Kevin Jamison
MSSA President