Corporate By-Laws


 The Missouri Sport Shooting Association

P.O. Box 10170, Columbia, MO 65205


Article I - Name

The name of this Pro Forma Decree Corporation is THE MISSOURI SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION.

Article II - Location

The location of the corporation shall be in the City of Jefferson City, County of Cole, State of Missouri.

Article III - Duration

The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.

Article IV - Purpose

The purposes and objective of the Missouri Sport Shooting Association are:

A)  To promote and defend the individual citizen's right to keep and bear arms for all legitimate purposes.

B)  To promote and further marksmanship training and competitions in the use of rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery equipment to the end that such skill shall be of use and benefit in defense of person, property, state and nation, and in all shooting sports.

C)  It shall be the further purpose of this Association to promote and perpetuate the legal sport of hunting.

Article V - Power to Acquire Property

The corporation may acquire, in any legal manner, by purchase, gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise, any and all kinds of property which the Board of Directors may, by resolution, accept.

Article VI - Power to Borrow, Pledge and Convey

The corporation, through its Board of Directors, shall be empowered to borrow money, and to secure the payment of such indebtedness by the mortgage, pledge or hypothecation of any and all property of the corporation, unless such right as to particular property be denied in restrictions imposed by the donor of such property at the time of donation.  The corporation may sell, lease, and convey any of the corporate property unless denied such right by the conveyance of such particular property to the corporation.  Money or securities in the Treasurer's hands may be loaned or invested and reinvested in such manner, under such conditions, and on such items as the Board of Directors, without restrictions, may from time to time determine.

Article VII - Board of Directors