MSSA Corporate Bylaws


The Missouri Sport Shooting Association

P.O. Box 10170, Columbia, MO 65205


Article I - Name

The name of this Pro Forma Decree Corporation is THE MISSOURI SPORT SHOOTING ASSOCIATION.

Article II - Location

The location of the corporation shall be in the City of Jefferson City, County of Cole, State of Missouri.

Article III - Duration

The duration of the corporation shall be perpetual.

Article IV - Purpose

The purposes and objective of the Missouri Sport Shooting Association are:

A)  To promote and defend the individual citizen's right to keep and bear arms for all legitimate purposes.

B)  To promote and further marksmanship training and competitions in the use of rifle, pistol, shotgun and archery

      equipment to the end that such skill shall be of use and benefit in defense of person, property, state and nation,

      and in all shooting sports.

C)  It shall be the further purpose of this Association to promote and perpetuate the legal sport of hunting.

Article V - Power to Acquire Property

The corporation may acquire, in any legal manner, by purchase, gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise, any and all kinds of property which the Board of Directors may, by resolution, accept.

Article VI - Power to Borrow, Pledge and Convey

The corporation, through its Board of Directors, shall be empowered to borrow money, and to secure the payment of such indebtedness by the mortgage, pledge or hypothecation of any and all property of the corporation, unless such right as to particular property be denied in restrictions imposed by the donor of such property at the time of donation.  The corporation may sell, lease, and convey any of the corporate property unless denied such right by the conveyance of such particular property to the corporation.  Money or securities in the Treasurer's hands may be loaned or invested and reinvested in such manner, under such conditions, and on such items as the Board of Directors, without restrictions, may from time to time determine.

Article VII - Board of Directors

The affairs and property of the corporation shall be controlled and directed by a Board of eighteen (18) Directors who shall be elected at large and shall be members of this corporation.  All employees of and contractors to the Association serve at the will of the Board of Directors.

A)  Manner of Election: The present members to serve until expiration of their present terms.  Thereafter, as said terms

      expire (at their respective terms of one year, two years and three years) the general membership at each annual

      meeting shall vote by secret written ballot to elect by a majority vote six Directors to serve for three years.

B)  Vacancy: Any vacancy on the Board shall be filled by appointment by the President, subject to confirmation by a

      majority vote of the Board of Directors at their next meeting.  Said appointee shall serve until the next annual

      meeting at which time the general membership shall vote to fill the balance of the unexpired term.

C)  Meetings: Board meetings shall be held quarterly at the place and time suitable to the Board members. Special

      Board meetings may be called by order of the President or the Vice President.

D)  Expulsion: Any Board member can be expelled for failure to perform his or her duties by a 2/3 vote of the Board.

       Said action may be taken at any regular or special meeting of the Board.

E)  Appeal: Any member so expelled may appeal to the general membership at the next annual meeting and upon

      receiving a majority vote shall be reinstated.

Article VIII - Officers

Immediately following the annual election, the Directors shall elect from among themselves by secret ballot the following Officers each of whom shall serve for one year: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Executive Officer. Officers may appoint Assistants to perform certain duties of the Office as directed by the Officer. Officers are responsible to report such appointments to the Secretary for record.

A)  Duties of President

       1) The President shall preside at all Association, Board and general membership meetings;
       2) Shall appoint all committees and shall be a member ex officio thereof;
       3) Shall be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

B)   Duties of Vice President

       1) The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President or at his request at all meetings.

C)   Duties of Treasurer

       1) The Treasurer shall have charge of all Association funds and maintain current accounts receivable and

            accounts payable ledgers;
       2) Shall also have custody of any certificates of deposit or savings accounts;
       3) Upon approval and direction of the Board, shall invest surplus funds in certificates of deposit or interest-

            bearing accounts;
       4) Shall furnish quarterly financial reports. The last quarterly report shall also be read at the annual meeting of

            the organization;
       5) Shall prepare and submit an annual budget for Board approval at the first Directors meeting following the

            annual meeting;
       6) Shall have charge of all financial records of the Association.

D)  Duties of Secretary
       1) The Secretary shall record the minutes of the quarterly board meeting and the annual members meeting of the

       2) Shall have charge of all non-financial official records of the Association, including the newsletter to the

       3) Shall maintain all membership records of the Association and assist the Executive Officer as needed in the

            State Championship Match approval process.
       4) Shall be authorized to sign checks in the absence of the Treasurer.

E)  Duties of the Executive Officer

      1) The Executive Officer shall assist member Clubs in the promotion of State Championship Matches by

           furnishing awards approved by the Board of Directors and shall approve all programs for State Championship

      2) Shall collect complete records of all Championship Matches, results and schedules. Said information shall be

           promptly conveyed to the Secretary for consideration of publication in The Missouri Shooter and for record.
      3) Shall be responsible for the annual inventory of all D.C.M. and Association equipment assigned to his Office.

F)  Bonding: All Officers of the Board shall be subject to bonding in accordance with their position and probability of

      liability as determined by the Board annually.

Article IX - Membership

The following memberships are available to all American citizens of good repute in the following categories. The dues structure of each category shall be set annually by the Board of Directors.

A)  Individual Annual Membership
B)  Individual Annual Junior Membership (no voting privileges, special membership category for junior shooters)
C)  Individual Life Membership
D)  Individual Benefactor Membership
E)  Individual Honorary Life Membership (Granted by Board -- individual holds no voting privileges -- may be

      revoked by the Board.)
F)   Club Associate Membership (no voting privileges)
G)  Sustaining Member
H)  Silver Sustaining Member
  I)  Golden Sustaining Member.

Article X - Amendments

The Board of Directors may adopt, repeal, or amend the Bylaws provided such actions are not inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation as amended.

Article XI - State Championship Matches

A)  All State Championship Matches must be sponsored and conducted by Clubs which are affiliated with the

       Missouri Sport Shooting Association and any national body governing that particular shooting discipline.

B)  Said Matches will be in accordance with such additional regulations as may be deemed necessary by the

      Executive Committee.

C)  Procedure of requesting State Championship Matches:

      1) Application to conduct and sponsor a Missouri Championship Match must be made in writing to the attention

           of the Executive Officer of the Missouri Sport Shooting Association. It must be accompanied by a preliminary

           program and proposed dates for approval by the Executive Officer.
     2) Dates and program must be subsequently approved by the national sanctioning body governing that shooting

     3) Changes in the program must be approved by both the Missouri Sport Shooting Association and the national

           sanctioning body governing the concerned discipline.
     4) A final match bulletin when published must be sent to the Executive Officer for the records of the Missouri Sport

          Shooting Association.
     5) All competitors before receiving the title of "State Champion" must be a resident of the State of Missouri.
     6) All adult Missouri residents shooting in a State Championship Match must be a member of the State

         Association. All Junior shooters competing in a State Championship Match must be either a member of the State

         Association in their own right or a member of a Junior Club that is affiliated with the State Association.

D)  Awards:

      1) The Missouri Sport Shooting Association will provide suitable awards to organizations sponsoring Missouri

           Championship Matches.
      2) Type and number of awards to be provided by the Missouri Sport Shooting Association will be determined

           annually by the Board of Directors.
      3) There shall be a fee collected for the State Championship Matches as set by the Board of Directors.

Article XII - Suspension or Expulsion of Members or Clubs

A)  Member Club.  A Member Club shall be suspended upon non-payment of annual dues. It shall be expelled for

       causes detrimental to the Association, upon majority vote of the Board of Directors.

B)  Individuals. Individuals shall be suspended upon non-payment of annual dues. An individual shall be expelled

      for causes detrimental to the Association, upon majority vote of the Board of Directors.

C)  Reinstatement Any Club or individual member may be reinstated after being suspended upon the payment of

      current and delinquent dues. Any Club or individual member that has been expelled may be reinstated by a

      majority vote of the Board of Directors.

Article XIII - Rules of Order

All meetings and general order of business conducted by this association shall lie in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order.

Article XIV - Dissolution

Dissolution shall be accomplished in accordance with the laws of the State of Missouri. All assets after the payment or disposition of all obligations shall be transferred or assigned to the National Rifle Association of America.

End of Corporate Bylaws

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